class H amplifier


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Each equipment includes independent logic high rate of power supply, which can control electrical circuit to adjust power output and voltage from time to time, and to respond the request of signal and load, so it can  get the best power match under the wide range of load, so to ensure the power amplifier will not be overheating.


The unique POWER+ technology, and other products in the same conditions, with the largest and most real-world headroom optimization for loudspeaker system; Power level and entertainment, performance is the most commonly used in the industry to match the speaker; Through the integration of a single modular design, the power supply and amplifier circuit integration into a piece of board, and with the new design of the area,The short path, the short air path and the wave type heat radiator structure can avoid the fault caused by the connection line between lines,The heat radiation efficiency of the whole machine is improved, the weight of the whole machine is reduced, the volume of the product is reduced, and the lower product is realized for transportation and installation.