Three-way Bi-amp full range system


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CV-315 is a three-way single 15 full range system, with solid structure, novel shape and transparent sound quality; CV-315 equipped with one 15 inch woofer with 100mm voice coil , one 10 inch mid-range driver with 75mm voice coil, and one 3 inch neodymium compression driver with 75mm voice coil.The mid and high frequency is coaxial,adopts the self-developed waveguide horn output.With  long stroke, wide frequency band, energy density and good transient. To make the layers are more distinct and the details are more prominent; The cabinet is constructed from birch plywood, with compact structure and reasonable layout It is built with a strong grill,with the sound-transmitting mesh to make the sound more balance The finish of the cabinet is with water-proof,durable and textured polyurethane coating.


CV-253 is a unique three-way, bi-amp full range system. It is equipped with two 15 inch wave horn loaded woofers, one 10 inch wave horn loaded mid-range driver and one 3 inch neodymium compression driver. The Mid-Hi components are coaxial structure. Its fully loaded quality components bring out amazing power output, and the new innovative horn design ensures a wider and further coverage at the same time.