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Q-8B is a 2-way, full range loudspeaker system. Its features include one high efficient 8" woofer and one 1.75" titanium compression driver housed in a compact plywood enclosure, combining smooth dynamic full frequency performance with high power driver units. It is particularly suitable for clubs, heaters, halls, discos, conferences, etc.


W-123 is a high performance 3 way passive line array loudspeaker system. It's featured with a compact enclosure, big SPL and high sensitivity.Each of this line array is housing with two 12 inch neodymium woofers, one 10 inch midrange and two 3 inch neodymium tweeters. Its unique cabinet structure and the horn design improve the sound frequency diffusion in the vertical and horizontal directions, reduce the front reflection, and ensure the horizontal sound performance is stable and smooth enough.

W-3/W-21 & W-3P/W-21P

W-3P/W-21P is a new design cabinet,feature with a 12 inch woofer and two 2.5 inch tweeters carrying bright and clear sound;wherever low frequency extension is required,a 21 inch line array subwoofer W-21P compensate and coordinate to make the sound field evenly balanced;All neodymium woofers and drivers applied in both W-3P/W-21P ensures the system in high performance and low weight at the same time.W-3P/W-21P built-in Class D amplifiers use high-level electronic components,with reasonable circuit design and better heat dissipation.The maximum vertical coverage angle can reach 110°in W-3P system up to 16pcs.


W-310&W-180 is a three-way line array system with exquisite appearance, compact structure and high sound pressure. W-310&W-180 is equipped with a newly developed DSP digital power amplifier module, which allows online test adjustment. W-310&W-180 is equipped with a variety of hoisting modes, which can be flexibly and conveniently transported, stacked, hoisted, supported, for various scenarios.