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T-408 & T-18BP

The T-408 is a line array column system comprised of Eight 4" neodymium magnet transducers housed in an elegant and sturdy stainless steel chassis. The eight closely spaced cone drivers provide true line array characteristics-phase coherence, low distortion and focused listening in both the near field, and at a distance from the speaker. T-18BP is a 18" subwoofer, specifically designed to reproduce deep bass frequencies with maximum efficiency, speed and impact. It is also ideal for reproducing the concentrated energy of contemporary music environments such as discos, clubs and outdoor shows where extreme level of bass is required. The T-118P with power amp module and incorporated DSP .

W-4 & W-4P

W-4&W-4P is a line array system which is made of two 12" woofers, two 3" titanium neodymium compression drivers and high-performance low-distortion compression driver with innovative horn design of wave phase philosophy. Wherever low frequency extension is required.

W-3/W-21 & W-3P/W-21P

W-3P/W-21P is a new design cabinet,feature with a 12 inch woofer and two 2.5 inch tweeters carrying bright and clear sound;wherever low frequency extension is required,a 21 inch line array subwoofer W-21P compensate and coordinate to make the sound field evenly balanced;All neodymium woofers and drivers applied in both W-3P/W-21P ensures the system in high performance and low weight at the same time.W-3P/W-21P built-in Class D amplifiers use high-level electronic components,with reasonable circuit design and better heat dissipation.The maximum vertical coverage angle can reach 110°in W-3P system up to 16pcs.


W-110B&W-215B is a compact line array system with high power output, incredible clarity and precise sound. Both the top and the subwoofer cabinets are made of 15mm or 18mm quality birch plywood, with their compact structures together ensure the durability and safety of the whole system. W-110B&W-215B are equipped with multiple ergonomic hardware for easy handling, stacking and hanging.