professional digital processor


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PRO Series

24-bit,48kHz sampling rate,∑-△ AD/DA convertor,32 bits DSP chip. Input processing includes Gain, Mute, Noise gate, high-cut, low-cut, 8 parameter EQ, Phase, Delay and so on (PRO-480 without Hi-cut Low-cut And PEQ). Output processing includes crossover, 5 parameter EQ,Gain, Mute, compressor/Limiter, Phase, Delay and so on Every input and output can do matrix assign flexibly. Adjustable PEQ frequency, Gain and bandwidth; we can choose style: PEAK、H-SHELVE、L-SHELVE. We can choose the style of all High-cut, Low-cut filter and Distributor unit: Butterworth、Linkwitz-Riley、Bessel;Choice slope is from         -6dB/Oct to -48dB/Oct.

CP Series

3 input and 6 output with flexible routing 32-bit(40-bit extended)floating point DSP high pertormance 24-bit A/D converters 1 hz frequency resolution 6 parametric equalizers for each input and delay settings multiple crossover types with full function limiters precise control of level,polarity and delay settings CPU and dsp upgrades via pc