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About CVR

About CVR

Guangzhou CVR Pro-Audio Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It mainly deals in high-quality professional sound of "CVR" brand.

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About CVR

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Guangzhou CVR Pro-Audio Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in producing professional audio equipment with an own 
brand“CVR”since 2005.Our 5,000 square meters plant has R&D,sales and demonstration departments. Fully equipped demonstration facilities are vavailable with knowledgeable staffs.
CVR PRO AUDIO can easily provide you a wide range of professional sound gear like:PA speaker, indoor and outdoor line
array speaker,subwoofer,floor monitor, Power amplifier and speaker management  system. From the smallest conference room to the largest stadium.
CVR is the brand we set for global market,carrying great responsibility to satisfy our customers in every possible aspect as .
promise The heart and soul of CVR has to be our attempt to strengthen our quality against the best in the world.Our goal is to provide the best equipment with the best services. We have not deviated from this position since we began and will do it consistently.


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Guangzhou CVR Pro-Audio Co., Ltd

ADD:No.4, Lane 9 West, Chenchong Road, Qiaonan, Panyu, Guangzhou, China 

Guangzhou CVR Pro-Audio Co., Ltd
Guangzhou CVR Pro-Audio Co., Ltd


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