Taiwan W-110B&W-215

Release Time:

2024-03-02 11:07

▶ W-110B&W-215 is a compact line array system with high power output, incredible clarity and precise sound.

Both the top and the subwoofer cabinets are made of 15mm or 18mm quality birch plywood, with their compact structures together ensure the durability and safety of the whole system.

▶ W-110B&W-215 are equipped with multiple ergonomic hardware for easy handling, stacking and hanging.

▶ W-110B&W-215 have their unique CVR logo grills, which are molded from high-strength low-carbon structural steel, with splash-proof sound-permeable mesh inside to ensure the balanced passage of sound waves.

▶ W-110B&W-215 cabinet are finished with high-grade black polyurea painting, with waterproof and super abrasion resistance. All the hanging hardware and the metal covers have passed tensile strength test and salt spray test, It's been proofed to be an all-weather line array system.

▶ W-110B&W-215 are universal modular design. They can be easily switched from active mode to passive mode by installing power amplifier modules or passive back panels.

▶ W-110 B&W-215 is a multi-purpose system, they can be used in different ways, like stacking, flying or standing, according to the application scenarios.

▶ W-110B is compact line array system, consist of a 3 inch neodymium tweeter and a 10 inch neodymium mid-woofer. It is equipped with our latest P-900 switching mode power supply amplifier module. Our dedicate dsp settings can make sure the well balance of the whole system and bring 126dB high fidelity output. The amplifier module is made of high-strength aluminum alloy by high-temperature die-casting, with novel appearance, excellent heat dissipation and good waterproof performance.

▶ W-215 vented line array subwoofer consists two 15 inch woofers with 100mm voice coil. It is equipped with our P-2900DSP switching mode power supply amplifier module. Our dedicate dsp setting makes the subwoofer work in perfect harmony with the line array tops and deliver impressive and define low frequency extension at the same time.

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