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karaoke system processor


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    • It has sound effect as echo, reverb, surrounding sound, enhancement, excitation, 5-phase parametric EQ, limiter and other processing modules
    • Among them, the echo  mode has functions as delay, repetition and phase parameters, and reverberation mode has function in adjusting pre-delay, time and phase.
    • 2-channel stereo music input, can be switched between automatic or manual mode, each channel has individual volume control
    • The music channel has master volume control and it is selectable on low cut, 5-phase parametric equalization, limiter and other processing modules
    • Output master cables include: main  output left and right, center output and subwoofer output
    • Main left and right output has individual volume control, Vocal/music ratio adjustment, 3-phase parametric equalization, left and right separate delay and other processing modules
    • The center output has individual volume control, vocal/music ratio adjustment,selectable on vocal sound effect,  3-phase parametric equalization, and other processing modules
    • The subwoofer output has individual volume control, selectable on low/high cut, 3-phase parametric equalization, vocal/music ratio adjustment,delay and other processing modules.
    • The subwoofer output has AGC automatic increment control, and its output allows the microphone control be attenuated and the attenuation is continuously adjustable
    • It has 2×16 character LCD screen display, infrared remote control function, 4 factory presets and 16 user presets
    • The files can be individually preset,saved and the entire data can be uploaded or downloaded
    • PC Chinese/English operation interface, lockable on panel and software, RS232 remote control port which makes  the system more secure and convenient
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