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Product description
◎ 24-bit,48kHz sampling rate,∑-△ AD/DA convertor,32 bits DSP chip.
◎ Input processing includes Gain, Mute, Noise gate, high-cut, low-cut, 8 parameter EQ, Phase, Delay and so on (PRO-480 without Hi-cut Low-cut And PEQ).
◎ Output processing includes crossover, 5 parameter EQ,Gain, Mute, compressor/Limiter, Phase, Delay and so on
◎ Every input and output can do matrix assign flexibly.
◎ Adjustable PEQ frequency, Gain and bandwidth; we can choose style: PEAK、H-SHELVE、L-SHELVE.
◎ We can choose the style of all High-cut, Low-cut filter and Distributor unit: Butterworth、Linkwitz-Riley、Bessel;Choice slope is from -6dB/Oct to -48dB/Oct.
◎ Adjustable compressor/limiter threshold, ratio, attached time and release time.
◎ Adjustable threshold, attached time, release time of all noise gate.
◎ All delay module's delay time can reach over 682ms.
◎ Parameter setting of every channel can copy freely.
◎ Interput signal tester,output can choose pink noise,white noise, 20Hz-20kHz adjustable sine wave and adjustable signal range.
◎ 2×20 word LCD, light and key-press incorporate design, unique one key-press process method, bring the users with convenient and rapid operating.
◎ 32 user preset; status and every preset can save and adjust separately, with code protecting function.
◎ With PC, we can do remote control by USB and RS232 connector.
◎ 256 units linkable by Rs485, and do remote link controlling by center-control equipment.
Model PRO-2.4 PRO-3.6 PRO-4.8
Configuration 2 in 4 out 3 in 6 out 4 in 8 out
Power Supply AC 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz AC 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz AC 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
Product Dimension 482×232×44mm(HxWxD) 482×232×44mm(HxWxD) 482×232×44mm(HxWxD)
ShippingDimension 605×310×110mm  (HxWxD) 605×310×110mm  (HxWxD) 605×310×110mm  (HxWxD)
Net Weight 4.1kg 4.1kg 4.1kg
Gross Weight 5kg 5kg 5kg


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