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Product description
1.Power supply design
Each equipment includes independent logic high rate of power supply, which can control electrical circuit to adjust power output and voltage from time to time, and to respond the request of signal and load, so it can  get the best power match under the wide range of load, so to ensure the power amplifier will not be overheating.
2.Power output grade
Adopt the balance output circuit, the same as fully symmetrical Bridge Road:compared with the normal single end of land output circuit, the same work voltage can generate the output power in 4 times, that is to say, in order to get the same output power, the work power voltage of power amplifier is much lower thannormal OCL model. The output power tube is with wide safety work  area under the condition of low voltage, so it is with higher power and reliability  compared with normal OCL output  model. Most importantly, The distortion of it is much Lower and can  output better tone quality.
3.Sign Voltage Range
There is a limited voltage device within each input channel. By checking the output sign and controlling the input sign, so the power amplifier output will not be at the state of clipping in long time, and can protect the speaker. It can automatically control the input sign when the power  amplifier is overheat, so can reduce the heat and keep safety.
4.Perfect protection function
Power amplifier provides various protecting function, such as .direct current protection, internal stoppage protection, input overload protection, filter of radio frequency distraction, output short circuit protection, mismatching load and high frequency overload protection, radiator and over temperature protection for radiator and transformer, over electricity protection. And the over temperature protection for output electricity is achieved by gradually lower the output signal. Only when the temperature keeps rising to the extremity, can it cut off the output electricity supply of this channel, so avoid the stop of play.
5.Heat dissipation system
There is an independent heat dissipation system for each channel, two groups of non-polar speed adjusted Fan. The sealed air go through the radiator to strengthen the effect of heat dissipation, and at the same time, avoid the the dust and smog of stage to pollute the circuit board to ensure the equipment is in good working condition, and the temperature can get balance in some ranges.
Model  KM-240 KM-260 KM-280 KM-2100 KM-2140 KM-2150 KM-2180
8Ω Stereo Power  2×400W 2×600W 2×800W 2×1000W 2×1400W 2×1500W 2×1800W
4Ω Stereo Power  2×600W 2×900W 2×1200W 2×1500W 2×2100W 2×2250W 2×2700W
8Ω Bridged Power  1200W 1800W 2400W 3000W 4200W 4500W 5400W
Input Impedance  >20K/>10K
Damping factor 400
Frequency response  20Hz-20KHz
THD+N(Rated Power,4Ω/KHz)% 0.0005
Signal Noise Ration(dB)  -105dB
Degree separation -60dB
Input Connectors  XLR
Output Connectors  Two sets of binding posts and professional output plug connection
Power Requirement  220V-240V,50-60Hz
conformation   CNC high reliability steel plate combined with aluminum plate
Dimensions  88×483×430mm 132×483×447mm
Net Weight  18kg 22kg 24kg 29kg 34kg 35kg 40kg


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