• Model: W-208 & W-18/W-208P & W-18P
  • Number: 13
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W-208&W-208P is a line array system which is made of two 8" neodymium woofers, one 2.5" titanium neodymium compression drivers and high-performance low-distortion compression driver with innovative horn design of wave phase philosophy. Wherever low frequency extension is required, a W-208&W-208P will integrate seamlessly with W-18&W-18P line array sub-bass system in a standard configuration. Each enclosure is equipped with rigging system, allowing flown array to be constructed rapidly and safely. W-208&W-208P is very versatile and scalable for a wide range of applications in touring performance, corporate and fixed installation fields.


Model  W-208 & W-208P(Active)
Type  Two-way line array system
Frequency Response  70Hz-20KHz±3dB
Power handling  LF 400W(RMS)1600W(PEAK)
  HF 90W(RMS)360W(PEAK)
Sensitivity  LF 100dB(1W@1M)
  HF 101dB(1W@1M)
Max SPL  LF 125dB(PEAK/1M) 
  HF 128dB(PEAK/1M)
Drivers LF 2×8"(210mm) neodymium woofer 65mm (2.5in)coil 
  HF 1×2.5" neodymium compression driver with 65mm titanium diaphragm
Nominal impedance  LF 16 ohm
              HF 16 ohm
Coverage  110°H×10°V
Connections  LF 1(+)1(-) HF 2(+)2(-)
Connectors  2×NL4MP speakon
Finish  Textured high-density polyurethane coating
Enclosure Material Birch Plywood
Crossover  LF  70Hz-2KHz   HF 2KHz-20KHz 
Dimensions  640×261×380mm(W×H×D)
Packing Dimensions  745×370×455mm(W×H×D)0.10cbm
Net weight  23.5kg (W-208) 25.5kg(W-208P)
Gross weight  26.5kg (W-208) 28.5kg(W-208P)


W-208P suggested power amp:P2

W-18/W-18P is dedicated high performance sub-bass system designed to augment the low frequency output of the W-208&W-208P, W-18&W-18P is a sub-bass enclosure which must be flown with W-208&W-208P. So its physical dimensions are identical to the W-208&W-208P and it is equipped with the same proprietary rigging system. It features with one 18" woofers with magnet structure and suspensions engineered for maximum linear excursion.

Model  W-18 & W-18P(Active)
Type  Sub-bass system
Frequency Response  40Hz-500Hz±3dB
Power handling  800W(RMS)3200W(PEAK)
Sensitivity  101dB(1W@1M)
Max SPL  129dB(PEAK/1M)
Driver 1×18"(460mm) woofer 100mm(4in)coil
Nominal impedance  8 ohm
Finish  Textured high-density polyurethane coating
Connectors  2×NL4MP speakon
Enclosure Material  Plywood
Dimensions  640×502×600mm(W×H×D)
Packing Dimensions  740×590×660mm/0.27cbm
Net weight  48.5kg  (W-18) 50.5kg(W-18P)
Gross weight  52.5kg  (W-18) 54.5kg(W-18P)



W-208P suggested power amp:P4