• Model: K-802
  • Number: K-802
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The wireless microphones is designed to match with our karaoke speaker systems. It brings more smoothness and clarity to your singing.



Model K-802
Receiver specifications  
Receiver type Dual Channel Diversity Receiver
IF frenquency 110MHz,10.7MHz
Antenna Input BNC/50Ω
Sensitivity 12dBuV(80dB S/N)
Sensitivity adjustment range 12-32dBuV
Spur suppression ≥75dB
Maximum output level +10dBV
Technical parameters  
Operating Frequency range 697-740、740-800、800-850MHz
Modulation type Broad band FM
Channel number 200
Channel spacing 250KHz
Frequency stability ±0.005%
Dynamic range 100dB
Maximum offset ±45KHz
Frequency response 80Hz-18KHz(±3dB)
Overall noise ratio >105dB
Overall distortion ≤0.5%
Effective range 100m(under optimal conditions)100m
Operating temperature range -10℃-+50℃
Transmitter specifications  
Antenna Handheld microphone with built-in rotational antenna,Transmitter
with 1/4 wavelength Whip antenna Power
Output high power 30mW, low power 3mW
Spur suppression -60dB
Battery two double A,1.5V Alkaline batteries
Battery life around 10 hours under common power transmission and 15 hours under low power transmission